Symposium for Combustion Control 2015

The first “Symposium for Combustion Control” directed by Prof. Stefan Pischinger (Institute for Combustion Engines), Prof. Jakob Andert (Institute for Combustion Engines), Prof. Dirk Abel (Institute of Automatic Control), Dr. Thivaharan Albin (Institute of Automatic Control) and Prof. Heinz Pitsch (Institute for Combustion Technology) of the RWTH Aachen University has successfully taken place with 120 participants of 10 different countries.

In addition to the keynote speeches of Mr. Masato Nakagawa (DENSO INTERNATIONAL EUROPE), Doctor Michael Henn (Volkswagen Group Research) and Professor Rolf Isermann (Darmstadt University of Technology) the continuously rising relevance of these topics has also been covered by many different lectures. The key areas were: Gas Engines, Modeling, Auto-Ignition / Pre-Ignition, Injection Technology, Model-Based Control, Combustion Systems and Embedded Control Units.